Wendy Strawberry

(Fragaria x ananassa Duchesne)

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This is a very early season berry, producing lots of high quality strawberries.  The bonus is that these strong plants grow vigorously and send out many runners.  It has twice as many berries as Canada food, Canadian cropother June-bearing varieties.  Plants of ‘Wendy’ are vigorous, resembling ‘Evangeline’  (another Nova Scotia strawberry) in habit, and they produce ample runners to establish matted rows. 

The Wendy strawberry (now sometimes seen as AC Wendy)  were commercially introduced in Canada in 2006 by the Atlantic Food and Horticulture Research Centre in Kentville, Nova Scotia and Dr. Andrew Jamieson.

Photo Courtesy of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

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Author: Anita

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