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The Archives chronicle events and parties and awards from 2003 (The First Postings) until now.  They are a voyeuristic look into the food life of Canada.

Up until 2010, it was an event driven by the general public. The challenge was simply “Tell us your stories, the great local ingredients you’ve used and have a Party!”

As the menus were collected, they were posted so that everyone who participated could see what others were cooking and where. They came from all over the continent and even from overseas.

Up till that time the websites were quite rudimentary so in 2010 a more fulsome site was launched and with it, an invitation was sent to locally-inspired restaurants and to those chefs/innkeepers/restaurateurs who we knew, from years of experience, walked the talk.

In that same year, Awards were also developed for menus that fit into a variety of categories.    Chefs do love to compete!

Over the years there has been a stunning amount of media attention…the notion of a national day to celebrate all aspects of Canada’s food system struck a chord with many.


In 2011 and 2012, Canada’s Minister of Agriculture stepped up with a letter of support.

The Bank of Montreal did the same, and also actively sent out a media release.  Dozens of colleagues in Canada’s media community also participated and helped promote Food Day Canada.

Today the journey continues with faith in the future and with tremendous admiration for the producers of our nation who have set our tables so well.

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