Umami Rules!

There were many exceptional tastes at the CCC.  One which again provided a great example of the concept of Umami…the combination of delicious foods being heightened when combined, was prepared by Chef Nakano of the Fairmont Empress Hotel and his team.  They re-hydrated herring roe dried on kelp fronds in Osake Junmai Nama (sake made on Granville Island) and julienned it.  On its own the slim eggy pieces were briny and good.  But when topped with soft slices of cold smoked albacore tuna the result was a dance of flavours.  Sweet, salt, smokey…fabulous.

Food Day Chef Jesse Croy from Summerhill Winery has a new take on Oysters Rockefeller.   He spritzed them with Okanagan-distilled Absinthe before baking. THEN, he cracked open a bottle of Cipes Brut sparkling wine. Another utterly perfect pairing far greater than the sum of the parts.  

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Author: Anita

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