OAC Inferno

(Phaseolus vulgaris )

OAC Inferno kidney bean, Canada cropOAC Inferno is a light red kidney bean developed by the joint dry bean breeding program between the University of Guelph and Agriculture and Agrifood Canada. It has tremendous potential!  In the 2007-2009 Ontario Coloured Bean Performance Registration Trials, taking only 2 days longer to mature than the check varieties for southern Ontario, it out yielded them by an impressive 17% ( 3216kg/ha vs 2730kg/ha).  Notably, in a trial grown at 12 locations across North America in 2011, OAC Inferno was shown to be widely adapted and exceptionally yield stable.

With its high yield potential, superior seed size, and resistance to anthracnose race 73, a bean disease that can hit Ontario bean producers hard, OAC Inferno is now part of the breeding program within the ongoing Phaseolus Genomics for Improved BioProduct Development project (beangenomics.ca).  With over $11M in funding one of the goals of the project is to use traditional breeding methods to enhance bean’s resistance to disease, improve the profile of bean’s numerous health promoting nutrients, improve the bean plants ability to efficiently use applied fertilizers, and to increase consumer appeal.

This entire project is win/win/win.  More resilient plants, grown in Canada crops and delicious, nutritious ingredients for both home cooks and chefs.  

Full registration of OAC Inferno was supported by the Ontario Pulse Crop Committee in 2009 and registered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Cultivar Registration Office (Reg. No. 7020) in 2011.

With thanks to U of G Researcher Lori C. Wright and Professor Peter Pauls 

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Author: Anita

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