Masonova Apple

(Malus domestica)

masonova apple, apple cultivars, canadian cropsThe Masanova apple is medium sized, juicy and crisp.  It is an Empire-cross made in 1974 by one of Canada’s most prolific fruit breeders, Dr. D.A. Crowe of the AAFC-AFHRC in Kentville, NS.  The Masanova was named and certified in 2006  by another one of Canada’s brilliant scientists,  Dr. C. G. Embree.   This lovely mild-flavoured apple has soft, ivory coloured flesh with red and green striping.  It is slow to brown once cut, making it ideal for being served in prepared foods like salads, and, likely best of all, is well suited to being grown organically.

As with Empire apples, Masonovas are ready for harvest early- to mid- October. They are resistant to scab, moderately cold-hardy and can be stored in temperatures of 3-4ºC for three to four months.

With files from Charlie Embree’s 100 Apples and 100 Pears: A Collection of Characteristics for 100 Apples and 100 Pears.

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Author: Anita

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