Heart of Gold Apple

(Malus domestica)

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Nova Scotia is apple country.  All throughout the Annapolis Valley you’ll find apples that you may have never tasted before.  The Heart of Gold  is brand new.  Named and certified by Dr. Charlie Embree in 2012, this cross was developed by Dr. A. D. Crowe in 1975 at the Atlantic Food and Horticulture Research Centre in Kentville, Nova Scotia.

Ready for harvest in the first or second week of October, the Heart of Gold apple tree grows vigorously and upright, with spurs and long shoots.

Heart of Gold is a pretty apple…sweet, non-acidic and medium size. It’s ideal for processing and baking — it’d be great in my great-grandmother’s sour cream apple pie.   This pie, pictured at the right was made with Ontario-grown Ida Red apples.  Heart of Gold apples can also be Canadian food, apple pie, Canadian ingredients successfully stored in cold temperatures for three to four months, and is moderately resistant to scab. 

With files from Charlie Embree’s 100 Apples and 100 Pears: A Collection of Characteristics for 100 Apples and 100 Pears.


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Author: Anita

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