Harovin Sundown Pear

(Pyrus communis) 

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“We really believe in the pear. The taste is phenomenal, it has its own taste. It’s a Canadian pear, the first of its kind,” said Michael Ecker, president of Vineland Growers Cooperative. Vineland Growers Cooperative and Vineland Research and Innovation Centre will work together to produce the Sundown Pear in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

This Bartlett cross was developed by by Dr. H.A. Quamme at the Harrow and Vineland Stations, Ontario in 1972. It was then released in 2008 by Dr. David Hunter from Agriculture Agri-food Canada Research station in Harrow, Ontario.  It was named in a competition held at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (you can see the other suggested names on the ballot).

This productive pear tree is extremely resistant to fireblight and its fruits are medium to large in size, with yellow-green skin with a red blush. The flesh is firm with a sweet flavour.

The Sundown Pear can be successfully stored for 10 to 12 weeks. It is expected to be commercially available in 2014.

With files from Charlie Embree’s 100 Apples and 100 Pears: A Collection of Characteristics for 100 Apples and 100 Pears.

Photo courtesy of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.



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Author: Anita

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