Figurine Pear

(Pyrus communis)

figurine pear, canadian pear, canada foodThanks to Charlie Embree, the Figurine pear  is one of the newest kids in the orchard. Although the Figurine pear was created as a cross between Ovid and Beurré Fouqueray pears, made by Dr. A. D. Crowe at the Atlantic Food and Horticulture Research Centre in Kentville, Nova Scotia way back in 1965, it was only named and certified by Dr. Embree in 2012.

Ready in mid-September, it’s a beautiful pear and makes a great commercial variety because it’s possible to extend its shelf life for up to five months. This small fruit has a yellow skin with a distinctive red-orange tinge with a firm texture and white flesh.  It’d be beautiful, unpeeled on fruit trays especially accompanying an array of great Nova Scotian cheeses.

With files from Charlie Embree’s 100 Apples and 100 Pears: A Collection of Characteristics for 100 Apples and 100 Pears.


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Author: Anita

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