Caviar Indulgence

From Kingsbrae Arms in St. Andrew’s, New Brunswick,Chef Guillaume Delaune writes:  “In time for “Food Day Canada” on July 30, we’ve got a very special delivery coming from a local farm. Breviro is raising short nose North Atlantic sturgeon, both reviving one of the planet’s threatened fish stocks and filling the demand for a taste which, once acquired, can’t be satisfied. Thanks to Breviro, the only operation of its kind in the world, the rare and exclusive caviar of Acipenser Brevirostrum is available once again.

As Breviro’s neighbour, the inn has an abundance of this local luxury right here in Southwest New Brunswick. It doesn’t get fresher or more local than that.

For the occasion, I will be preparing a three-part “Caviar Indulgence” for diners in our restaurant.

A delicate egg shell refilled with a lightly scrambled mix of caviar, egg, herbs & a touch of crème fraîche
Tender blinis topped with a dollop of caviar and served with vodka lemon sour cream
A velvet slice of his own house smoked Breviro sturgeon

Each “Indulgence” comes with a choice of iced vodka or sparking wine.

This is a guilt-free pleasure and pure Canadian!

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Author: Anita

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