Black Pearl Apple

(Malus domestica)

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You have to love the name.  Black Pearl is a gorgeous, dark burgundy (almost black) apple.  This new cultivar holds strong consumer potential.  Because it’s uniform in size, it’s also easy for growers to handle. 

Developed at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) Atlantic Food and Horticulture Research Centre (AFHRC) in Kentville, Nova Scotia by Dr. A. D. Crowe and certified by Dr. Charlie Embree.  Its hardy growing habits and resistance to dropping add to its attractiveness. Its flesh is firm and white with pink striping. Ready for harvest in mid-to late October, the Black Pearl tree is very productive.

With files from Charlie Embree’s 100 Apples and 100 Pears: A Collection of Characteristics for 100 Apples and 100 Pears.


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Author: Anita

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