Alta Blush Potato

(Solanum tuberosum)

Alta Blush, Canada ingredient ‘Alta Blush’ was discovered as a chance seedling in Wetaskiwin, Alberta in 1992. The exact parentage is unknown but it was developed by private potato breeder John Safroniuk of Wetaskiwin Alberta.  It has a smooth, thin skin, shallow eyes and tastes wonderful. selection occurred from 1993 to 1995. Selection criteria included yield and quality characteristics. Trials for ‘Alta Blush’ were conducted in Drummond, New Brunswick in 2006 .

John’ s daughter, Tracey Berg, writes. “The potato is excellent in salad, boiled, baked and roasted. It has a creamy texture.  It is by far our favourite for mashing, but they don’t mash well until late September.”

Image kindly provided by Tracey Berg. 

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Author: Anita

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