Wild Caraway Restaurant and Café, Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia

Wild Caraway outsideAndrew Aitkens and Sarah Griebel have partnered to create an utterly delightful, seasonal restaurant in rural Nova Scotia called simply Wild Caraway. But their ever changing menus are anything but simple.

From the sea weed popcorn, sunchoke chips and the sumac pork crackling and the weir-caught mackerel they serve as a tartare with applewood smoked sour cream, corn lilies and sweet cicely, to the local lobster, squid ink & natural cavatelli, orach, sea blight, cherry tomatoes & lobster coulis and the rose crème brûlée, elderflower cake with sweet cicely flower ice cream. the menu is unmistakably rooted in their most specific location.

Wild Caraway 2 Heidi Currie LDComing from a family who loved good food, Andrew wanted to cook when he was 7.  “My family has such a profound love of good food, drink and conversation around good food and drink! In our restaurant, Wild Caraway, we have created a comfortable, inclusive environment where emotions are tapped into and flavour arouses curiosity.” 

Sarah and Andrew “came together over a shared love of foraging.”  They met in Melbourne in 2005 and traveled for a few years before settling in the historically rich and naturally abundant village of Advocate Harbour. They write, “Foraging ethos play a huge role in our large picture. Take only what you require, focus on regeneration and cultivating a larger sense of gratitude for mother earth.”  

Wild caraway food platesAs chefs they continue to research in order to understand the flavours and possibilities of wild foods and how previous cultures prepared them. This young team truly provides a glimpse into the future of Canadian cuisine.

Their chicken comes from Moon Tide Farm in Scots Bay where “they happily included livers with their birds!” Maple syrup is produced locally by a family who has been into it for a few generations. “We make all our own bread from croutons to dulse rolls. All our squash is grown locally, from either Broadfork Farm, Masstown Market, or local markets. Apples from Masstown or local markets. We grow a variety of herbs, mainly parsley, tarragon, sage! We get an incredible variety of vegetables from our garden as well, kale, carrots, kohlrabi, turnips, leeks, fennel, beets, lettuce and other greens. Cheeses are from That Dutchman’s(Gouda), Ran Cher Acres(goat), and Holmstead Feta, all based out of Nova Scotia. Bacon, pork & lamb from Oultons, a farm/processor in the Annapolis valley. Seafood is from local fishermen (boats & weirs).  Scallops, lobster are halibut are the main catches from the wharf, but we also get mackerel, herring, squid & flounder from weirs in the Bay.”

Wild Caraway night by Heidi Currie LD

Contact Wild Caraway at the number below to reserve a Food Day Canada table.

Contactez Wild Caraway directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votreJournée des terroirs réservation.

Wild Caraway
3721 Highway 209,
Advocate Harbour, NS B0M 1A0

T: 902-392-2889

Much of the lovely photography was shared by Heidi Currie


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Author: Anita

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