Revel Coffee, Stratford, Ontario

Chef Jordan Lassaline is one of the most talented alumni of the renowned Stratford Chefs School.  Fortunately for the city, he stayed put and has built a great career.  With Anne Campion, the owner of Revel Coffee, the business is thriving in the best possible fashion.  Sourcing locally is pretty easy in Perth County and the seasons inform much of what this fine pastry shop serves forth. All the pastries are made in house! The croissants, be they butter, chocolate or almond, are hand-rolled. On Saturdays and Sundays there’re seasonal doughnuts…like the crullers in this image glazed with rhubarb. 

The sausage rolls are made with heritage pork from Church Hill Farms.  Monforte Dairy buffalo milk quark is used in their cheesecakes while their goats’ milk cream cheese frosts the cinnamon buns.  Mountain Oak gouda is used in the cheese scones

The synergy of the Chefs School, the Stratford Festival, countless other culinary events and some of the best shopping in Southwestern Ontario has allowed entrepreneurs to get some neat businesses off the ground and flourishing.  Go to Revel and you’ll rub elbows with actors and farmers, tourists and chefs….and eat some of the most delicious baking anywhere!

Revel Coffee
37 Market Place,
Stratford, ON N5A 1A4


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Author: Anita

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