Locals, Courtenay, British Columbia

Chef Ronald St Pierre and Tricia St Pierre have created Locals, a very real culinary destination in the Comox Valley.

My friend, Jeremy Ferguson wrote the following in the Globe and Mail: “Courtenay’s claim to fame comes through a different passion: It wants to be foodie capital of the island. Assembling and showcasing the produce of the ultra fertile Comox Valley, it has accumulated considerable credentials.”

“Courtenay’s proudest restaurant is called Locals. Chef Ronald St. Pierre has done what other chefs only talk about: His restaurant is almost entirely about ingredients. He pulls it off with style and largesse. He shines the spotlight on local producers – Prontissima for pasta, Island Bison for buffalo, Christine’s Quackery for duck – at every turn. When you offer eight species of fresh fish from ling cod to sablefish, you’re brave.


But when you offer each in five ways from steamed to stir-fried, you’re downright courageous. Seared albacore loin reveals the St. Pierre modus operandi, the nicely seared tuna served with a brace of vegetarian sushi rolls and, as accents, soy ginger dip, chili oil and cashew coriander pesto. Bison tournedos bring juicy Campbell River bison medallions wrapped in double-smoked bacon, charbroiled, set atop a bed of perfect lentils and garnished with caramelized onion and lavender confit. It’s a wonderful dish. Even the drinks are local.

Contact Locals at the number below to reserve a table.

Contactez Locals directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votre Journée des terroirs réservation.

Locals StriploinLocals
1760 Riverside Lane,
Courtney, B.C. V9N 8C7

T: 250 338 6493

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Author: Anita

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