Habaneros Modern Taco Bar, Dartmouth/Halifax

GeckoThe Habaneros slogan is “We’re NOT authentic Mexican; we’re modern with a twist.”  And I’d add, that Habaneros is the most Canadian taco bar I’ve ever seen….ingredients and talent are both locally grown.  

The food is ‘chef inspired’ (cocinero inspirado) and in this case the chef is Bill Pratt, one of Canada’s best loved culinary stars.   Bill says ‘It’s not about the heat, it’s about the flavours.”  From the Braised Beef Barbacoa – slowly cooked in red wine – to the deconstructed burrito which, by the way, can be had in a bowl for those who need gluten free, the menu is fun and fast and spicy.

While you’re in the area, check out his other Food Day Canada restaurant, Cheese Curds Gourmet Burgers & Poutinerie and the flag ship Habeneros restaurant in the same Burnside location on Windmill Road .

And not content to have stand alone restaurants Chef Pratt can often be seen zooming around town dispensing his tacos out of his 45 food Gecko bus.

380 Pleasant Street, 
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2Y 3S5 
T: 902-444-3446

600 Windmill Road
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1B5

Unit B , 1551 South Park St., Halifax


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Author: Anita

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