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The Fairmont Vancouver Airport is a luxury hotel in the middle of one of the busiest, most modern airports in North America. Recently voted the #1 Airport Hotel in North America for the fifth year in a row at the Skytrax World Airport Awards, this AAA / CAA 4-diamond Vancouver airport luxury hotel features breathtaking floor-to-ceiling views, diverse dining choices and an indoor pool, health club and spa.

The award-winning signature restaurant, Globe@YVR, with its floor to ceiling runway views, is located in the lobby level of Fairmont Vancouver Airport, situated directly above US departures and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.  This is no ordinary airport either.  The Canada Line brings travellers and diners from all points in the downtown core…so hopping out to the airport for a meal is easy and safe.

Executive Chef Harris Sakalis is a highly energetic culinary leader emphasizing sustainability, local ingredients and green initiatives. For the 20th Anniversary of Food Day Canada, Chef Sakalis is leading his team in celebrating local flavours and sustainable fare with a fantastic menu.  In his words,

“We come together on this Food Day Canada to honour this nation’s rich culinary heritage and the bountiful offerings of our local farmers, fishermen, and producers. We pledge to support and cherish the unique flavours that our land and waters provide.

On this occasion, we feature a dish that exemplifies the essence of our diverse and sustainable cuisine: Lois Lake Steelhead Salmon served with Local Red Chard Tossed in Orange Vinaigrette, Pecan, Green Onion Soubise, Rhubarb Puree and Potato Rosti. We stand united in our commitment to preserve and promote the use of locally sourced ingredients, recognizing the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and fostering a strong, resilient food system. By choosing to prepare and enjoy this delightful dish, we pay homage to the dedication and hard work of our farmers, fishermen and artisans, whose efforts enrich our lives and nurture our communities.

The Lois Lake Steelhead Salmon, sourced from British Columbia’s pristine waters, symbolizes the abundance of sustainable seafood that graces our shores. This delectable fish reflects our responsibility to protect our aquatic ecosystems and ensure the longevity of marine life for generations to come.

The Local Red Chard, vibrant and nutrient-rich, is a testament to the dedication of our local farmers who cultivate fresh produce using sustainable practices. It represents our commitment to supporting the growth of resilient, local agricultural systems that respect the environment and preserve the health of our soils.

The Orange Vinaigrette infuses a burst of zesty citrus flavours into the dish, to elevate the taste and unite our diverse regions into one harmonious blend of tastes. The Pecan and Green Onion Soubise, crafted with care, showcases the beauty of simplicity and highlights the versatility of locally grown nuts and onions, reflecting our desire to create exquisite culinary experiences from homegrown ingredients.

The Rhubarb Puree embodies the sweetness and tartness of locally harvested rhubarb, reminding us of the joy of seasonal fruits and the importance of appreciating and utilizing nature’s gifts in their prime.

Finally, the Potato Rosti, crafted from locally sourced potatoes, evokes memories of home-cooked meals and the significance of honouring our agricultural roots and traditional cooking techniques. As we gather around tables to enjoy this exceptional dish, we renew our pledge to support and celebrate the farmers, fishermen, and food artisans who enrich our lives through their dedication to sustainability, quality, and local flavours.

Let us relish every bite and savour the connections we build with the land and our communities. On this Food Day Canada and every day that follows, we commit to embracing our culinary identity, cherishing local ingredients, and cultivating a sustainable and thriving food culture for everyone in Canada.”

–Executive Chef Harris Sakalis, Fairmont Vancouver Airport


They partner with the Ocean Wise Seafood program to assure that the seafood is sourced sustainably. By utilizing fishing techniques for abundant and resilient species, endangered ocean animals and marine habitats are protected.  Rehoboth Farms, a farm in Yarrow BC, just 100 km from the hotel, provides organic, free-range eggs as part of the breakfast offerings. Via supplier, Sing Lobster, they are the first to receive fresh daily deliveries of world-renowned lobster from Nova Scotia. Canada’s east coast sources the best catch from quality fishing grounds. The mixed greens that they use are from Gastown Greens, a locally-owned farm by Rowena Schuster. Rowena grows organic microgreens in either biodegradable hemp mat or soil, allowing seeds to thrive into the best quality vegetables.

Contact Globe@YVR at the number below to reserve a Food Day Canada table.

Contactez Globe@YVR directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votre Journée des terroirs réservation

3111 Grant McConachie Way,
Richmond, B.C.  V7B 0A6

for reservations:

T: (604) 207-5200


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