Fauna, Ottawa

Fauna Art Wall HangingOne of the characteristics that set Food Day Canada chefs aside is how they are open to recommend others in the same city. Several of our Food Day chefs insisted that we check out Fauna.  And we found a great new FDC restaurant.

“Fauna is about the things we love: eating and drinking with friends and family in a fun space.”  It’s very much a collaboration between three talented guys…Chef /Owner Jon Svazas, Chef de Cuisine/ Owner Billy Khoo and Wine Director, Alex McMahon.  Fauna at Bar

Jon has spent the last 10 years working in kitchens all over Ottawa including John Taylor’s dearly-missed Domus Cafe but for the the last two years on “the insane process of opening the restaurant”. Billy was just a kid when he started working in his parents restaurant and has culled Asian cooking techniques from both his heritage and his professional experience.

Suffice it to say that Fauna celebrates local ingredients with lots of creativity thrown in for good measure.  Start with their take on the classic Canadian drink, a kimchi Caesar. Barley, another proudly Canadian crop, is the base for their risotto which, in the springtime is a base for fresh peas and asparagus.  Their falafels are made with (what else?) prairie-grown lentils and there’s hanger steak, rabbit, steelhead trout and cornish hen, all on the current menu.  And for dessert?  Amongst other things….Spruce-tip Panacotta!

Contact Fauna at the number below to reserve a Food Day Canada table.

Contactez Fauna directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votre Journée des terroirs réservation.

425 Bank St,
Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y7
T: 613-563-2862

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Author: Anita

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