S&V Uptown’s Lush Canadian Flavours

When contemplating local flavors and cocktails, S&V Uptown immediately comes to mind. Picture the transformative effect of the freshest local ingredients on your cocktails. At S&V Uptown, a sip can become a journey into the diverse flavours of Canada. Their remarkable imagination and unwavering dedication to the craft shine through. The cocktail menu is a seasonal compilation of vivid images and enticing descriptions, aptly titled ‘Lush.’ It reads more like Vogue, blending high fashion with exquisite cocktails.

This particular cocktail, is surprisingly simple yet multilayered. It boasts delicious spiced notes reminiscent of mulled wine but with a creative and subtle northern twist.


1.5 oz Valley of Mother of God Smoked Gin
1.5 oz 2021 Stratus Alto
1.5 oz Niagara grape juice
0.5 oz Ginger syrup


Shake over ice. Strained into a glass of cube ice.
Garnish with a cinnamon stick and candies ginger and flame a little whiff of dried Cedar.

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Author: Jeff

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