Senator Rob Black’s Food Day in Canada Bill to Receive Royal Assent

Ottawa, May 8, 2023 – As sponsor of Bill S-227, An Act to Establish Food Day in Canada, the Honourable Rob Black, Senator for Ontario and Chair of the Canadian Senators Group, is pleased to share that it will receive Royal Assent in the coming days.


In both the Senate Chamber and the House of Commons, Parliamentarians paid tribute to the late Anita Stewart, the founder of Food Day Canada and the first Canadian Food Laureate at the University of Guelph. They also highlighted the many ways in which Canadian food and all those involved in bringing it from farms to our forks exemplify our Canadian values.


“I would like to thank Parliamentarians of all stripes, from both the Senate and the House, for their thoughtful reflections on the role of agriculture from coast to coast to coast,” said Black. “I am delighted that Food Day Canada was passed into law in time for its 20th anniversary. This event will give Canadians an opportunity to thank the farmers who put food on our tables, every summer for years to come.”


The Food Day in Canada Act represents an opportunity for Canadians to join together in a national celebration of Canadian food and the people who make it happen. Across the country, farmers, chefs, and restauranteurs, as well as individuals and organizations, honour this annual event in the height of the growing season.


Food Day Canada was founded by Anita Stewart in 2003 in response to the BSE crisis, which threatened the Canadian beef industry. Since the first Food Day Canada, the event has grown into a cross-country celebration that embodies Canadian culture, cuisine, and ingredients.


John Nater, Member of Parliament for Perth-Wellington, and sponsor of the Bill in the House of Commons stated, “It is with great satisfaction that we finally reach the end of debate before passing Bill S-227, Food Day in Canada.” said Nater. “This summer, 20 years after Anita Stewart organized the first Food Day in response to a national crisis that devastated our beef farmers, Food Day Canada will finally be officially recognized.”

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Author: Scott Stanfel

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