MP John Nater Release: Food Day in Canada Passes in Parliament

OTTAWA, ON – Earlier today, Bill S-227 An Act to establish Food Day in Canada was passed

at the third and final stage of debate in the House of Commons.


Bill S-227, An Act to establish Food Day in Canada, also known as the Food Day in Canada Act, was originally introduced by Senator Rob Black in November 2021 and was passed in the Senate in May 2022. After passing in the Senate the Food Day in Canada Act was sponsored by M.P. John Nater in the House of Commons where it received unanimous support at every stage of the legislative process.


The Food Day in Canada Act gives Food Day Canada official recognition as day of celebration

by the Parliament of Canada. Most importantly the Food Day in Canada Act honours the legacy

of the late Anita Stewart of Wellington County for her lifetime of agriculture and food advocacy

in Canada.


This official recognition from the Government of Canada comes in time for the 20th anniversary

of Anita Stewart’s first Food Day Canada event, then known as the World’s Longest Barbecue,

in support of beef farmers and ranches during the Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) also known as “Mad Cow Disease” crisis of 2003.


Since 2003 Food Day Canada has grown into a national event in celebration and praise of our

farmers and fishers, our chefs and researchers and, everyone who contributes to agriculture,

food, and cuisine in Canada.


“It is with great satisfaction that we finally reach the end of debate before passing Bill S-227,

Food Day in Canada.” said MP Nater in the House of Commons immediately before the bill was



“On August 5th, 20 years after Anita Stewart organized the first Food Day in response to a

national crisis that devastated our beef farmers, Food Day Canada will finally be officially

recognized. This summer, and for every year to follow, we will together recognize the work of

our farmers, fishers, processors, chefs, and everyone along the food supply chain who not only

feeds us but also enriches our diverse national culture.”


A video showing the final passage of the Food Day Canada Act is available here:


A full list of videos showing Senator Black, MP Nater, and other Parliamentarians discussing

Anita Stewart’s legacy and the Food Day Canada Act along each stage of the legislative process is available on MP Nater’s YouTube page here:


Food Day Canada will officially become recognized as soon as is receives Royal Assent from

Governor General Mary Simon.

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Author: Scott Stanfel

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