Stewart Family Reflections on the Food Day in Canada Bill

Pictured above: Crystal Mackay, Coordinator of Food Day Canada, Senator Rob Black, MP John Nater, Jackie Agnew, one of Anita Stewart’s daughters-in-law, and Jeff Stewart, one of Anita Stewart’s sons.

Anita Stewart, our mother, would be so happy that Parliament has made Food Day in Canada official. Below are some thoughts we wrote on this happy day. 

We thank the Honourable Members of the House for considering Bill-S227, An Act to establish  a Food Day in Canada.  

Since the 1970’s, our mother, Anita Stewart, has been uniting Canadians through food. 20 years  ago, she created Food Day Canada / Journée des terroirs du Canada, a national celebration of  Canada’s unique, rich and diverse food culture.  

Over the past 20 years, Food Day Canada has evolved into a national community, celebrating  Canadian food and those who bring it to us. The mission is to promote and educate about  Canada’s food and culture, while elevating thinking about Canadian food sovereignty and food security.  

We look forward to seeing an Official Food Day in Canada living up to its potential as a positive,  spirited, diverse celebration for all Canadians. 

This Bill takes a historic step towards putting Canada on the map as a proud food leader, while  also giving Canadians an opportunity to shop, cook, dine and celebrate Canada’s rich food  culture.  

We sincerely believe that an official Food Day in Canada will offer significant cultural benefits  to Canadians and their families, with economic benefits for communities and businesses, as we  echo our mother’s mantra: “Canada IS food and the world is richer for it.”  

– Brad, Jeff, Mark, and Paul Stewart 

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Author: Scott Stanfel

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